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Welcome to our Bibby Kids collection

We hope that here you will find bibs and collars that both support and enhance your child’s everyday, whether a newborn or a big kid

Beige Gingham Seersucker SailorBeige Gingham Seersucker Sailor
Blue Gingham Seersucker SailorBlue Gingham Seersucker Sailor
Blue Paisley Peter PanBlue Paisley Peter Pan
Blue Paisley Peter Pan Sale price£16.00
Blue Paisley SailorBlue Paisley Sailor
Blue Paisley Sailor Sale price£15.00
Blue Seersucker BandanaBlue Seersucker Bandana
Blue Seersucker Bandana Sale price£14.00
Blue Stripe SailorBlue Stripe Sailor
Blue Stripe Sailor Sale priceFrom £15.00
Galaxy BandanaGalaxy Bandana
Galaxy Bandana Sale price£14.00
Green Double Gauze Flower BandanaGreen Double Gauze Flower Bandana
Green Double Gauze Flower Peter PanGreen Double Gauze Flower Peter Pan
Light Blue Gold Dot BandanaLight Blue Gold Dot Bandana
Light Blue Gold Dot Bandana Sale price£14.00
Light Pink Gold Dot BandanaLight Pink Gold Dot Bandana
Light Pink Gold Dot Bandana Sale price£14.00
Merry Berry Mixed Tote Bag
Merry Berry Mixed Tote Bag Sale price£18.00
Mint Gold Dot BandanaMint Gold Dot Bandana
Mint Gold Dot Bandana Sale price£14.00
Mustard Gold Dot BandanaMustard Gold Dot Bandana
Mustard Gold Dot Bandana Sale price£14.00
Navy Cherry Blossom ScallopNavy Cherry Blossom Scallop
Navy Cherry Blossom Scallop Sale price£16.00
Navy Gold Dot BandanaNavy Gold Dot Bandana
Navy Gold Dot Bandana Sale price£14.00
Paisley Mixed Tote Bag
Paisley Mixed Tote Bag Sale price£18.00
Pink Ditsy Blossom ScallopPink Ditsy Blossom Scallop
Pink Ditsy Blossom Scallop Sale price£16.00
Purple Ditsy Blossom ScallopPurple Ditsy Blossom Scallop
Purple Merry Berry BandanaPurple Merry Berry Bandana
Purple Merry Berry Bandana Sale price£14.00
Purple Merry Berry Peter PanPurple Merry Berry Peter Pan
Purple Merry Berry ScallopPurple Merry Berry Scallop
Purple Merry Berry Scallop Sale price£16.00
White Cherry Blossom ScallopWhite Cherry Blossom Scallop
White Paisley BandanaWhite Paisley Bandana
White Paisley Bandana Sale price£14.00
White Paisley ScallopWhite Paisley Scallop
White Paisley Scallop Sale price£16.00
Yellow Merry Berry BandanaYellow Merry Berry Bandana
Yellow Merry Berry Bandana Sale price£14.00
Yellow Merry Berry Peter PanYellow Merry Berry Peter Pan