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Letter from our Founder

Bibby Kids founder

I have worked in fashion for nearly 20 years and always loved and admired this creative world which can not only transport, but also positively affect someone’s emotions, feelings and mood.

I love to discover new and interesting things and find pieces which explore the different sides of my personality.  Fashion can help you feel empowered, bolder, more confident and comfortable.

Our first daughter Luna was born in 2017, and what was a very straightforward pregnancy ended up in a series of unforeseen complications. It was a long journey which involved multiple surgeries and on-going physiotherapy and speech therapy amongst others… Luna has a rare genetic condition which affects her gross motor development and vision, for which she wears adorable glasses.

On top of it all, Luna has always been a big drooler, with us regularly going through up to 10 bibs a day in those first few years.

When she was a baby, finding cute and simple bibs was easier, but as she got older and the dribbling didn’t improve, it was  harder to find the right size. This led to chafing on her chin or drool falling far too low on her clothing. We also struggled to find bibs in a simple fabric, appealing colour-ways or stylish designs and print.

Already looking a bit different to others, the use of a bib past the age of 2 years old felt more like stand out rather than an accessory. I wanted to create something for my daughter which would make her feel good and comfortable, adorning herself with a beautiful and stylish accessory rather than just a functional tool.

Bibby, which is how we have always referred to Luna’s bibs, is a love letter to my daughter and all the amazing families we have met along this journey.

Why can’t something be both functional, beautiful and stylish? Just with how we dress ourselves as adults, and want to make ourselves feel great - you can never start that feeling too young!

With Bibby Kids, we hope to start a community, a shared experience, and a supportive environment. We want kids of every age and need, whether a drooler or a young style aficionado, to feel a sense of self, identity, pride and expression in their formative years.